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The world is at a major crossroad with environmental, economic and social change. The days are gone when a single organization can make a difference on its own. The world needs to shift how it views governance, policy and the soil beneath our feet. It is the health of that very soil and our stewardship of our resources that unites us in a single cause of changing the future.


​Through integrative thinking, planning, and policy design we can ensure that our decisions are triple bottom line sound both now and long into the future. From a 30th floor office building in Manhattan, to the rancher in Kentucky, to the small coffee roaster in central Colorado, to the urban family in San Francisco, decisions made can heal the planet and improve the lives of others, enhance the growth of companies, and effect good governance all at the same time.


We design, create, educate and facilitate. We consult on occasion. We give talks and provide insights into holistic management.

We create a business platform that allows businesses to grow and prosper according to 10 principles of holistic enterprise development.

We identify the best message and story to communicate an organizations driving force. We then communicate that story to the world.

We facilitate and educate business planning, strategic planning.

We help others understand their own policies and how they can be improved.

We review and analyze existing policies for organizations, governments and others.

We create holistic land plans, including grazing planning, infrastructure and financial coordination.

We help implement monitoring programs to track progress toward goals.

We help others identify how holistic management can be incorporated into their current operations.

The greater picture is present in all opportunities, decisions and conversations.

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