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We embark on an effort to design a global project and promote a regenerative model, based on our understanding that the social, economic and environmental issues we face today stem from the degradation of our planet.


When people lose access to food, clean water and healthy land, chaos ensues.


We rely heavily on the insights developed by Allan Savory and Holistic Management, to improve our own lives and work toward healing the land.


Countless organizations work ceaselessly for others: to improve their economic capacity, the environment in which they live, and their social and familiar situations.


These organizations bring unique traits and unique perspective that is vital to the future of our planet – restoring grasslands, reversing biodiversity loss, reengaging community, reconstituting failing economies and redefining priorities.


Our effort focuses on bringing organizations together to collaborate and help progress a global movement at its tipping point.


Together we can leverage the resources of social media and the internet to disperse such important information and make information and perspective accessible to all.


We can unify and promote many efforts through one collective movement. As these issues do not exist independent of each other.

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