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Holistic Management is the result of more than 25 years of work by incredibly hard-working, resilient and self-sustaining people from around the globe.


The original non-profit originally dedicated to promoting the understanding of the interplay of large grazing herbivores, their pack hunting predators, and the grasslands that co-evolved with them was the result of Allan Savory and Jody Butterfield, with support of countless others.


This non-profit has seen many iterations over the years, most currently with Holistic Management International and its current focus on bringing a few of the principles ‘mainstream’.


Allan and Jody and other former HMI team members manage a separate enterprise, the Savory Institute.

While Holistic Management’s roots are in the savannahs of Africa and ‘the movement’ has always worked to reverse desertification and the negative impact of not understanding the grassland-grazing animal relationship, the real need is to work to change our paradigm about how the world functions as a whole, and take these lessons to small business, policy design, land planning, monitoring, family life, financial planning, and a host of other applications.

For an inspirational introduction to the ideas around which this blog is dedicated, watch Allan Savory’s 2103 Ted Talk.

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