Our town had been rife with seeming corruption, distrust, and lack of direction. Unwritten rules of the game dictated how things operated and an idea of ‘way things are’ seemed pervasive. When I became an elected official in this town I sought to break the norms with how business was taking place. As an industry, very deep paradigms run throughout government. 


 Status quo needed to make way for a strong presence of holism. As I explored approaches to governance around the world, I gained direction from wisdom and models expressed in other cultures. While theories and practices of public administration in westernized societies see ample success, approaches to decision-making and development in Indigenous communities augment and can surpass western approaches. The same can be reciprocated. 


The Páratu Institute seeks to blend these holistic and cultural approaches to governance with western forms of governance to provide additional models, specific to a community or to be expanded to many. 


Páratu spends time in other cultures learning and sharing and exploring. Ideas are overlaid unto academic and practical experience within local settings, academic case studies, and broader contextual situations.

  • Big Eyes, Big Ears, Small Mouth - Principles of facilitation, community engagement and mediation.

  • Solution Tree - Flipping problem solving to finding solutions and re-analyzing cause-effect relationships to create optimal desired outcomes

  • Communal Land and Livestock Management - Incorporating holistic principles into sound natural resource planning and implementation within community settings.  

Giving Back

Reciprocity is a core value of Páratu.


We pay the fair price, set by the artisan within the community, for all of the products we sell.

We also ensure that a portion of the sales goes back into the communities through organizations that promote their wisdom and culture.

We currently partner with the Pachamama Alliance, supporting their work in the Amazon.Through their advocacy work, they are taking a stand for the Rights of Indigenous People and Nature.





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