Joel Benson grew up in a family that traveled. When he began a family of his own, he continued to explore the world with his wife and daughter.

The more they traveled, the more they realized the incredible wisdom that existed within each, unique community.

Páratu has come to life as an expression of Joel's background in politics (he was the Mayor of Buena Vista, CO for 8 years), his land management work, and his time spent within Indigenous Communities around the globe.

He has come to understand the critical component of learning from, sharing, and respecting the wisdom and practices of Indigenous.


Páratu bridges the incredible opportunity that exists when we bring this wisdom to Western Policy and Practice.

We have four ways of doing so:

  1. Blending Indigenous and Western approaches to governance and offer perspective and trainings to do so within local governments, organizations, and other social systems.

  2. Providing a voice to Indigenous and others in cross-cultural education and awareness, and support others organizations that do the same.

  3. Engaging in acts of reciprocity with people of North America and Central and South America

  4. Promoting ways of expanding and extending peace and Indigenous approaches to spirituality

Giving Back

Reciprocity is a core value of Páratu.


We pay the fair price, set by the artisan within the community, for all of the products we sell.

We also ensure that a portion of the sales goes back into the communities through organizations that promote their wisdom and culture.

We currently partner with the Pachamama Alliance, supporting their work in the Amazon.Through their advocacy work, they are taking a stand for the Rights of Indigenous People and Nature.





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