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Indigenous Wisdom and Western Governance


Indigenous People

and the wisdom

they hold.

Partnering on Projects:

A Hundred Voices

Sharing stories that open the door to reconnection.

Promoting peace through expanded awareness and collaborations.

Purchasing Direct From Artisans

Periodically, we open a marketplace where we sell products created by Indigenous. All products we sell come directly from the artisans within local Indigenous communities, through our own travels or partnering with reputable organizations that work with the communities.


Supporting Amazon Advocacy

25% of all purchases made through us go back to support the Amazon advocacy work of the Pachamama Alliance.

Pachamama works with indigenous partners in Ecuador to stand for the rights of indigenous people and Nature, safeguarding the rainforest and working in the industrialized world to shift the culture of overconsumption that threatens their Amazonian home.

Partnerships and Support

We support and partner with organizations who are working to expand awareness of our interconnection through their projects and educational opportunities.

We support and encourage you to check out"

Pachamama Alliance

A Hundred Voices Project





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